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labeled boxes

labeled boxes - Luxury packaging: Innovative packaging ideas for paper bags, folding boxes & cartons. New packaging concepts for paper carrier bags and folding cardboard boxes. Paper carrier bags and boxes are no longer just for carrying home the shopping. To the brand manufacturer, they are free advertising and an image factor. To the consumer, they are a desirable status symbol. This calls for high standards of materials,appearance and manufacture – and that means that we as the manufacturer for labeled boxes have a high level of responsibility. Whether you are looking for paper carrier bags, folding boxes, cardboard boxes or a full POS packaging programme, we look after our customers’ individual requests – and always in line with their CI. And so that we can guarantee you the best quality – made by – we manufacture all your labeled boxes in Nuremberg. But why not see for yourself – come and visit us, and have a look around our works!" Folding boxes Folding boxes are used in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. With two flaps, at the top and bottom, perfume bottles and tubes can be easily removed. The boxes are made with a stamping from a single piece. Folding cartons Folding cartons are folding boxes with a push-in lid. They are characterised by a completely joined together design. This is also delivered flat - in one piece, the lid and the box of the carton are joined together. Space-saving storage is thus no problem. Folding cardboard cartons Folding cardboard cartons offer an alternative to conventional telescope cartons. Here box and lid are each made of one piece and then fitted together with a collapsible principle, whereby lid and box are not joined together. Riged cardboard cartons/Luxury boxes Riged cardboard cartons consist of a box in one piece and a lid. They offer your product optimum packaging protection. By using especially thick cardboard this protection is additionally reinforced. The stability of the telescope cartons is achieved by complete gluing. New packaging concepts for paper carrier bags and folding cardboard boxes Cartons Packaging Ideas Paperbag Boites Emballage Sacs Bolsas Catonajes embalajes borsa cartonaggi confezione We are also specialists for: conference bags advertising carrier bags bags for advertisement bags with advertising print carrier bag design carrier bag manufacturer carrier bag printing carrier bag printing carrier bags christmas carrier bags christmas carrier bags christmas paper bags custom printed paper bags custom promotional bags customised carrier bags customised paper bags customised promotional bags customized carrier bags customized paper bags customized promotional bags exclusive paper bags exhibition bags exhibition carrier bag hot stamped paper bags imprint paper bags individual carrier bag individual paper carrier bags paper bag manufacturer paper bags paper carrier bag design paper carrier bags paper gift bag paperbag print paper bag printed bags printed bags printed paper carrier bag promotional bag promotional bags promotional carrier bags promotional carrier bags promotional logo bags promotional paper bags show bags cardboard box cardboard boxes carton box carton box manufacturer carton packaging cartons cushion packing custom printed box distribution cardboard boxes folding box folding box folding box design folding boxes folding boxes folding cardboard cartons folding carton and packaging folding carton company folding carton manufacturer folding cartons folding paper box gift box individual gift box innovative folding carton labeled boxes luxury boxes pharmaceutical folding carton presentation box printed boxes printed gift box printed paper box riged cardboard cartons sale cardboard boxes telescope cartons gift box design advertising material creative packaging concept creative packaging idea custom packaging custom packaging design custom packaging solution customised packaging customized packaging decorative packaging exclusive packaging gift packaging gift packaging gift packaging design hot foil printing hotfoil-stamped packaging individual gift packaging innovative packaging luxury packaging modern packaging packaging concept packaging concept design packaging design packaging design idea packaging manufacturer packaging system labeled boxes product packaging design promotion packaging retail packaging Luxusverpackung Präsentverpackung
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