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carton box manufacturer

Folding boxes or carton box manufacturer are used in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. With two flaps, at the top and bottom, perfume bottles and tubes can be easily removed. The boxes are made with a stamping from a single piece. Folding cartons ( carton box manufacturer ) are folding boxes with a push-in lid. They are characterised by a completely joined together design. This is also delivered flat - in one piece, the lid and the box of the carton are joined together. Space-saving storage is thus no problem. carton box manufacturer - Folding cardboard cartons offer an alternative to conventional telescope cartons. carton box manufacturer: Here box and lid are each made of one piece and then fitted together with a collapsible principle, whereby lid and box are not joined together.

carton box manufacturer or Riged cardboard cartons/Luxury boxes

Riged cardboard cartons consist of a box in one piece and a lid. They offer your product optimum packaging protection. By using especially thick cardboard this protection is additionally reinforced. The stability of the telescope cartons is achieved by complete gluing. Keywords of this page: + carton box manufacturer + folding cartons + custom printed box + Paper carrier bags, carton box manufacturer and boxes are no longer just for carrying home the shopping. Classic or individual carton box manufacturer - not a problem! Keywords of this page: + carton box manufacturer + folding cartons + custom printed box + individual gift box + Luxusverpackung Präsentverpackung
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